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Battery Saver Pro


The battery doctor is here! Battery Saver Pro is a battery saver app, smart battery saver & battery booster so you can increase the battery life.Battery Saver Pro is also a Task killer and easy ram booster it is here to help the android battery !So you’re at work trying to call someone or enjoying a game and the battery is now week, the Battery Saver Pro’s job is to increase battery life and reserve battery health by killing unwanted processes.Charge battery over and over again can be boring even with a fast charger so why not try this battery optimizer to reduce that task to save battery and power battery and battery temperature and therefore battery health and extend battery time.Battery Saver Pro is also a memory cleaner !Features :**** Showing Battery Details**** Charging Informations**** Task Killer : memory cleaner and Phone Speed Booster**** Memory Booster and smart battery saver**** Works for both Phones and Tabletswaiting for an Uber car ? Repair your Battery with this App
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You think youre here by mistake, maybe you’re searching for:** remaining / energia / consumo / speed tap / adaptive / deep sleep / battery monitor widget / energy saving or power savingor maybe you were searching for stack or msqrd or razor app or thumb drift or waze or 1blocker or nasty goats Game or games.Download it Now and save the Battery with Battery Saver Pro